The Family Health Clinic Lab is not a STAT lab.

STAT lab requests must go through the University of Utah Hospital Outpatient Lab to ensure timely results.

Lab Services

We provide comprehensive outpatient lab services in the Family Health Clinic (FHC). Lab services include phlebotomy, sample processing, point-of-care testing, and more. Lab services are available to for ARUP employees and their dependents. FHC Lab services offer

  • No-cost laboratory testing
  • Testing by appointment only
  • Test results available in MyChart

Schedule an appointment by calling: 801-584-5144, option 5

Lab Testing Requirements

A valid order is required for all lab testing. Lab orders from outside the FHC can be faxed to 801-584-5206 or brought in by the patient.

Testing must:

  • Be ordered by a medical provider (MD/DO) or an advanced medical practitioner (PA/NP/CNM/CPM)
  • Contain the patient’s full name and date of birth
  • Contain the provider's signature, full name, facility address, phone, and fax number

Samples will not be collected until a valid order has been obtained by the FHC Lab.

Specimen Collection

Some specimens and samples may be collected outside of the lab, including:

  • Timed urine specimens
  • Stool specimens
  • Salivettes (e.g., for cortisol testing)
  • Stones (e.g., kidney stones)

These specimens must be returned to the FHC Lab during clinic hours. Specimens ordered by outside facilities must have a valid order.

All specimens must be properly labeled with:

  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Collection date and time

The clinic's medical director may approve samples not listed above in special circumstances, but the lab cannot accept any such specimen without prior approval.

Testing Limitations

Some tests may not be processed by the FHC Lab, including nonroutine labs such as some genetic and esoteric tests.

Genetic Testing

Genetic tests performed by ARUP’s central facility can be completed with a valid provider’s order and a letter from a genetic counselor stating that the test is clinically appropriate. The sample must be collected at the FHC to avoid charges.

Testing that does not satisfy these requirements must be collected and completed at another lab at a cost to the individual.

Exception: Noninvasive prenatal testing for aneuploidies will be covered if the sample is collected and processed at the FHC Lab AND has been ordered by a genetic counselor.

NOTICE: The FHC Lab cannot collect or process any genetic testing that is not entirely performed at ARUP’s central facility.