Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of my immunizations?
  • Log on to your MyChart account:  Hover over the “Health” icon, and click on “Immunizations”.  You can print your record using the print icon in the upper right. 
  • Fill out a medical records release form Vaccine Record Requestand email or fax it to the Utah Department of Health. They will send the immunization record directly to you.
  • A patient or parent/guardian can sign the medical records release form at the front desk, and then we will be able to provide you with a printed copy of your immunization record.
How can I get a copy of my medical record?
  • Log on to your MyChart account:  Hover over the “Health” icon, and under“Medical Tools” click on “Request Medical Record”.  Complete the questionnaire and click submit. 
  • If you only want medical records pertaining to your care at the clinic, you can complete the MyChart request noting that you would like records from the clinic OR you can sign a medical record request form in the presence of a clinic staff member. Signing the form at the clinic (not before) ensures that we are releasing records according to HIPPA guidelines. 
  • You can visit the University of Utah’s “medical records and information release” webpage: and access the information or forms you need. 
How do I give permission for my spouse to be able to discuss my health with my healthcare provider.

If you would like a trusted family member or friend to be able to discuss (verbally) your health information with a healthcare provider, please complete this form [link].  This access is terminated when the patient makes a written or online request to terminate access, an expiration date specified by the patient is reached, or the patient revokes access from within their MyChart account.

If you would like to grant another adult access to your MyChart account, log on on to your MyChart account:  Hover over “preferences” and clink “grant access to my record”. 

I would like to speak to my provider rather than MyChart can they just talk to me on the phone?

MyChart is often the most convenient way to connect with your provider or pharmacist. When the providers/pharmacists are in the clinic, they are seeing scheduled patients.  By sending a MyChart message, the providers are better able to anticipate your needs and respond in a timely manner.  If you prefer speaking with your provider/pharmacist on the phone, mention this in your MyChart message, and the provider/pharmacist will do his or her best to accommodate your request. You can contact the clinic at 801-584-5144 to speak with someone on our team.

How long does it usually take for a provider to reply to MyChart messages?

MyChart messages are intended for non-emergency questions, and our providers strive to return messages within two business days. Please be aware our providers are not in clinic every day.  When they are in clinic, they check their inboxes throughout the day between seeing patients.  Providers try to check their inboxes when they are off, and on the weekends, but they might not respond until they are back in clinic.  When providers are on vacation, another provider will check their inbox, but please be aware that a covering provider may not refill prescriptions.

How can I get a refill on my medication?
  • Send a request through MyChart:  Once you log into your account, click on “Refill Medication” in the Quick Links section. 
  • Call us directly ( 801-584-5144) to request a medication refill. 
  • Have your pharmacy send us an electronic or a fax request.
Why do I have to be seen at least yearly to get my medications refilled?

Your health status changes over time, and we want to ensure we are providing you with the best possible, up to date healthcare.  An annual visit is required to review your medical history, ensure that the medications you are taking are still appropriate, do the necessary medication monitoring tests, and verify that your preventive care (for example, vaccination status, colonoscopy, etc) is up to date. It is recommended that all patients be seen annually, not only patients taking medications.

Why do I have to come into clinic so often for controlled medications?

Controlled medications are classified as such due to their risk for dependence, abuse, and the ability to cause serious harm.  By having close contact with your provider, we can ensure safe and appropriate use of these medications.

Why does it take so long for my prescription to get refilled after I submit it on MyChart?

When it comes to medication refills it can take up to two business days. We verify the necessity of the medication, the dosage, the timing of the refill, the dispensing pharmacy, and we ensure appropriate medication monitoring and follow up.  This process can be time consuming, but it is worth doing to keep our patients safe. 

How long does it usually take for a prescription request sent from my pharmacy to be filled.

Refill requests usually take 24-48 hours to be filled, so please plan accordingly.  If it has been longer than 48 hours, please give us a call.  Prescriptions for controlled substances must be approved by your regular provider, so approvals may take longer.

How do I switch my medications to a different pharmacy?

The easiest and quickest way to switch pharmacies is to go to the new pharmacy and have them request your prescriptions from the old pharmacy. This way you do not need to contact your Provider and have new prescriptions written out, which can take time.  Note: This process can only be done with non-controlled substances.  If you need “controlled” medications, for example certain ADHD and pain medications, you will need to communicate with your Provider. 

I need to schedule an appointment for refills how far out are doctors usually booked?

Some of our providers are booked out a few weeks. Please try to schedule appointments before medications run out. If you are not able to schedule your appointment before you run out of medications, some prescriptions can be refilled for a short time to help cover you until your appointment.

Can I get refills on my medications at the clinic if I am no longer employed at ARUP?

We are only able to provide care, medication refills to those eligible for services at the clinic.  To remain eligible for the clinic once you are no longer employed at ARUP, you would have to be enrolled in COBRA.

Can I get my labs collected free of charge somewhere other than the clinic lab?

No. The clinic outpatient lab is provided as a unique benefit to employees and dependents.  You can have labs ordered by an outside (non-clinic provider) and drawn at the clinic lab for no cost, but if you go to any other lab including the University of Utah outpatient lab, your insurance will be charged according to their guidelines.

Can the clinic do labs on children?

Yes, we can.  We have highly trained phlebotomists who are able to obtain labs on patients of all ages.  Since we want to provide an optimal experience for everyone who has labs drawn, we really appreciate it when parents call ahead of time and schedule a “lab visit” for babies and small children.  If the child is older, but still under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What appointments can I schedule with a nurse?

Nurses are available by phone or in person daily for patient triage and questions about health concerns. You can schedule nurse appointments for ARUP on the job requirements such as mask physicals, new hire visits, immunizations and work injury triage. You can schedule nurse visits for personal health such as urinary tract infections in healthy adult women, pregnancy tests, immunizations for adults, 2nd and 3rd HPV vaccines for all ages, immunizations for children ordered by a clinic provider but not done at the well child check and IV fluids ordered by a clinic provider or an outside provider with clinic medical director approval. 

What appointments can I schedule with a pharmacist?

The pharmacists at the clinic specialize in working with other healthcare providers in the care of chronic health conditions (for example, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, asthma, and management of blood thinning medications like warfarin).  The pharmacists also are experts in all things related to medications and vaccines, including travel health.  If you have a question for the pharmacists, call them at 801-584-5144

How can I get free diabetes supplies? And what do I need to do to get refills?

One benefit of the diabetes program at the clinic is no cost blood sugar testing supplies.  In order to remain eligible for this program, you must be actively engaging in your diabetes care plan and attend your comprehensive diabetes visit at least once every three months.  Diabetes supplies are provided during scheduled clinic appointments.