COVID-19 Resources for Employees, Spouses, and Children

On this page you will find the tool for employees to report COVID-19 exposure and/or symptoms. Spouses and children who have experienced exposure or COVID-19 symptoms will find guidance and next steps on this page, as well. Scroll down for a list of resources about the disease and information regarding ARUP employee scenarios and guidelines.

ARUP Employees with Potential COVID-19 Exposure

If you are an ARUP employee with a COVID-19 exposure and/or symptoms that might be related to COVID-19, click on the tool below (log in using your ARUP employee ID and password if prompted):

COVID Exposure and/or Symptom Reporting Tool

*This tool is best accessed with a desktop/laptop.

If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19, please email the clinic staff at, instead of calling, in order to keep the clinic phone lines open.

ARUP On-Site Employee Work Guidance

If you are sick (with any symptoms), please stay home.

If you are not sick, but you are worried about exposure, see the Employee Risk Stratification Table.

If you work on site, strictly follow safety policies and procedures, including use of a face covering (or other job-specific PPE), physical distancing, and high standards of hygiene.


I am working from home and feel sick.
  • Follow the guidance above based on your symptoms.
  • You are not expected to work at home if you are sick. Contact your supervisor to determine next steps.
I cannot work because of illness.
  • Human Resources, ARUP management, and the clinic are working on a case-by-case basis with employees who need to stay home to determine which options are available to help you with your situation.
  • Your job is not at risk if you are required to stay home.
Spouses and Children with Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Please start by answering these two questions before contacting the clinic.

  1. Do you or your child have symptoms of illness?
  2. Have you or your child been directly exposed to an individual who is positive for COVID-19?

If you answered YES to either question, please contact the Family Health Clinic at 801-584-5144, extension 3 to speak to a medical assistant. 

If you have answered NO to both questions, testing is not warranted at this time. Please continue to be safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.

Do I Need to Get Tested? (FAQs)

I received a notification that someone in my child’s school is positive for COVID-19. Does my child need to be tested?

It depends on your child’s exposure to the individual and if your child's school requires your child to have a negative test result to return to school. Contact the clinic for guidance.

My spouse or child was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Do I need to quarantine and/or do I need to be tested?

Your spouse or child likely needs to be tested (depending on their level of exposure to the positive individual). However, unless your spouse or child tests positive or develops symptoms, you do not need to quarantine from work or be tested yourself.

However, you should quarantine from your family member(s) as much as possible until they have received test results. If your family member(s) tests POSITIVE for COVID-19, you will need to contact the clinic for guidance.

I had lunch with my friend who tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago. Do I need to be tested?

If your friend was symptom free for at least 48 hours prior to your exposure to them, you will not need to be tested. The exposure window is 10 days from the date of symptom onset and/or a positive test result. If your friend had symptoms or you had contact with them within the 10-day window, please contact the clinic for guidance.

My child feels ill. Do I (or my family) need to quarantine or be tested?
No, not yet, but your child should be tested. If your child tests positive, then you and your family will need to quarantine and be tested as well. Take extra precautions (e.g., wear a mask, do extra hand washing, practice physical distancing) until you know your child’s test results. Depending on the situation, a negative test result may require further testing and/or guidance.


Resources and Information