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Fecal Occult Blood Patient Take-Home Kit Makes Returning Stool Sample Convenient and Easy

The kit (item #49952) is for use with ARUP’s Occult Blood, Fecal by Immunoassay test and is designed so patients can collect a stool sample and mail the sample back to the lab or physician office. Encouraging patients to use this kit may increase the compliance rate for returned stool specimens.

View testing information.

H. pylori Serology Testing Discontinued

Recent guidelines for testing strategies issued by the American Gastroenterology Association and American College of Gastroenterology do not recommend the use of serology for the diagnosis of active H. pylori infection. For these reasons, serological testing for H. pylori has been discontinued at ARUP to facilitate physician use of recommended testing methods.

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VAP Cholesterol, Serum Deactivation

The VAP Cholesterol, Serum (ARUP test code 0095263) is no longer available. This was a sendout test to Atherotech, which closed permanently on February 28, 2016, with no advance notice. At this time, there is no equivalent test for VAP Cholesterol, Serum. All samples ARUP receives for VAP Cholesterol, Serum testing will be held pending further instructions from the client.

Use ARUP Paraffin Tissue and Extracted Nucleic Acid Transport Kit (Item #47808) When Transporting Tissue

Available at no cost via eSupply, this kit protects irreplaceable tissue specimens and allows for easy transport and tracking. Do not send tissue in tissue paper, alternate containers, or plastic bags. Blocks are more likely to be misplaced or lost when they are not sent in the appropriate transport container.

See the kit and find out more.

Zika Virus Testing

Per CDC guidelines, ARUP does not perform Zika virus testing. Clients should work with their state health department to triage this testing.

Utah Dept of Health Instructions for Submitting Diagnostic Specimens for Zika Virus Testing Utah Infectious Disease Update: Zika Virus Infection and Pregnancy Q & As for Obstetrical Healthcare Providers: Pregnant Women and Zika Virus Infection

Improper Push Caps Included with Screw Cap Supply

Some 4mL standard transport tube supplies (ARUP items #15824 CS/1000 and #46307 PK/100) may contain a package of caps that includes push caps along with the proper screw caps. Push caps will leak in transit. If you find push caps in your cap inventory, discard the entire bag and contact ARUP Client Services for a replacement supply.

Contact ARUP Client Services for more information; keyword: push cap.

MERS-CoV Testing

Per CDC guidelines, ARUP does not perform viral cultures on samples from patients suspected to have MERS-CoV. We offer the following PCR assays and can assist with ruling out other respiratory pathogens: Respiratory Viral Panel (2007805), Chlamydia pneumonia (0060715), Legionella Species (2010125), and Mycoplasma pneumoniae (0060256).

More information about MERS-CoV testing can be found on the CDC website.