Posters and Presentations

Each year, the ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology® presents at more than 200 conferences, workshops, annual meetings, and symposiums for several national and international organizations. Recent posters and presentations are listed below.

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The Endocrine Society (ENDO)
Chicago, IL, March 17-20, 2018

Kushnir MM, Straseski JA – Poster
Kushnir MM, Straseski JA. Free 25 hydroxy vitamin D (25OHD) measured by LC-MS/MS: Better association with PTH and calcium than with total 25OHD. 

Thrombosis and Hemostasis Summit of North America (THSNA)
San Diego, CA, March 8-10, 2018

Crist RA, Smock KJ, Rodgers GM, Heikal NM – Poster
Crist RA, Smock KJ, Rodgers GM, Heikal NM. A correlation study of ADAMTS13 neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies.               

United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)
Vancouver, Canada, March 17-23, 2018

Deftereos G, Zhou W, Rowe L, Tripp S, Salama M, Matynia A, Witt B – Poster
Deftereos G, Zhou W, Rowe L, Tripp S, Salama M, Matynia A, Witt B. Expression of PD-L1 22C3 in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas, in relation to p16 and HR-HPV DNA status.

Zhou W, Rowe L, Deftereos G – Poster
Zhou W, Rowe L, Deftereos G. Validation of Cobas® HR-HPV genotyping assay head and neck squamous cell carcinoma FFPE specimens.

Luem N, Szankasi P, Kelley TW, Patel JL – Presentation
Szankasi P, Kelley TW, Patel JL . IDH2 R172 mutated myeloid malignancies show distinct mutational profiles compared to cases with IDH1 and IDH2 R140 mutations.

BMT Tandem Meetings
Salt Lake City, UT, February 21–25, 2018

Lazar-Molnar E, Andersen E, Profaizer T, Delgado JC—Poster
Lazar-Molnar E, Ellinger L, Williams K, Pole A, Andersen E, Profaizer T, Duke JL, Ferriola D, Delgado JC, Monos D. Loss of heterozygosity in the HLA region and sensitivity of HLA typing methods for detecting under-represented alleles

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM)
Dallas, TX, January 29–February 3, 2018

McMillin GA—Poster
Metz TD, Sliver RM, McMillin GA, Allshouse AA, Mansfield C, Heard K, Kinney GL, Wymore E, Binswanger IA. Maternal marijuana exposure by self-report and umbilical cord sampling in a state with legalization.

American Federation for Medical Research, Western Regional Meeting (AFMR)
Carmel, CA, January 25–27, 2018

Martins TB, Peterson LK, Hill HR—Poster
Martins TB, Pasi BM, Peterson LK, Hill HR. Establishment of normal cytokine reference intervals in cerebral spinal fluid for potential biomarker discovery in neuroinflammatory disorders.

Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Laboratory (MSACL)
Palm Springs, CA, January 21–25, 2018

Wabuyele SL, McMillin GA—Presentation
Marin SJ, Wabuyele SL, McMillin GA. Method development case history: the continuous need for improvements in laboratory developed tests (LDTs) with a broad drug panel for neonatal drug testing as a case example.

Scroggin T, McMillin GA—Presentation
Scroggin T, Wu F, Metz TD, Allshouse AA, Binswanger I, McMillin GA. Detection of in utero exposure to cannabis, what are we missing?

Hughs M, Frank EL—Poster
Hughs M, Thaitumu M, Frank EL. Enhancing LC-MS/MS sensitivity for catecholamines via a reductive alkylation derivatization strategy.

Kushnir MM—Poster
Bankhead C, Kushnir MM. High throughput method for measurement of 25-hydroxy vitamin D by LC‐MS/MS.

Ray JA, Straseski JA—Poster
Ray JA, Gherasim C, Straseski JA. Measurement of serum free cortisol using equilibrium dialysis-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; revisiting the use of free cortisol measurement for adrenal insufficiency in critically ill patients.

Clark ZD—Presentation
Clark ZD. Taking aim at interference (without shooting yourself in the foot).

Rule G, Straseski J—Presentation
Rule G, Gherasim C, Straseski J. Matrix and instrument effects on analyte fragmentation and ion ratios.

Rule G, Straseski J—Poster
Gherasim C, Rule G, Straseski J. Effect of blood collection tubes on serum/plasma estrogen quantitation by liquid chromatography- tandem mass spectrometry.

Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT)/The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT)
Boca Raton, FL, January 7-11, 2018

Scroggin T, McMillin GA—Poster
Scroggin T, Wu F, McMillin GA. Extraction optimization for LC-MS/MS quantitation of cannabinoids and metabolites in umbilical cord tissue and meconium.

Wabuyele SL, McMillin GA—Poster
Wabuyele SL, Marin SJ, McMillin GA. Evaluation of solid phase extraction (SPE) compared to supported liquid extraction (SLE+) as sample preparation techniques for LC-MS/MS detection of 49 drugs and metabolites in umbilical cord tissue.

Taylor LL, Johnson-Davis KL—Poster
Taylor LL, Johnson-Davis KL. Qualitative analysis for multiple drug classes and metabolites in serum/plasma by LC-MS/MS.