Utilization Management: UM+ Decision Support

Decision Support

ARUP Consult®
Clinical Decision Support

ARUP Consult is a web-based laboratory test selection tool that provides point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information for physicians and clinicians. Coauthored and maintained by medical experts at the University of Utah School of Medicine and ARUP, Consult is available at no cost, and is organized into nearly 300 disease-related topics that include clinical background information, screening and monitoring suggestions, laboratory tests, relevant references, and algorithms that support clinical decision making and promote utilization management. Each topic reflects the latest medical guidelines and literature, as well as ARUP Laboratory Test Directory information.

ARUP Consult Features

  • Efficient: browse by disease-related categories, topics, or algorithms.
  • Comprehensive: nearly 300 disease-related topics and 65 algorithms help physicians order the right test for the right patient at the right time.
  • Authoritative: medical experts at the University of Utah School of Medicine and ARUP coauthor and review all topics.
  • Timely: regular updates reflect the latest medical advances and changes to ARUP’s test menu.

ARUP Gateway
Combined Test Directory

ARUP Gateway is a co-branded, customizable laboratory test directory that provides access to test-utilization management and evidence-based medical recommendations. Gateway includes a complete directory of all the tests your laboratory offers, with automatic updates to test information, a customized look and feel, real-time editing, and full administrative control of your website.

ARUP Gateway includes only the tests a given client orders from ARUP, thereby allowing clients to send their physicians to a tailored laboratory test directory via a personalized Gateway site. While physicians cannot order through Gateway, they can browse tests and then order the corresponding test codes through their laboratory information system (LIS). IT support from your facility is not required because Gateway is hosted by ARUP.

ARUP Gateway Features

  • Access to test selection and interpretation guidelines via ARUP Consult.
  • Strong brand identification, with the ability to customize colors, content, layouts, and logos.
  • Initial data import, easy online editing, and dynamic, automatic updates.

Decision Support

For more information about ARUP's UM+, please contact your account executive
or email consultativeservices@aruplab.com.