Immediate inactivations are tests that must be inactivated independent of a Hotline, due to reasons beyond our control. These are included in the next available Hotline and are listed chronologically below.

Test Number
Test Name
Inactivation Date: 03/26/2020
2006499 Viral Culture, Respiratory
2006497 Viral Culture, Respiratory and Cytomegalovirus Rapid Culture
2001504 Respiratory Viruses Rapid Culture
0060281 Respiratory Viruses DFA with Reflex to Viral Culture, Respiratory
0060284 Influenza Virus A and B DFA with Reflex to Influenza Virus A and B Rapid Culture
0060286 Influenza Virus A and B Rapid Culture
Inactivation Date: 11/27/2017
0050642 Streptococcus pyogenes, Group A Antibody (Streptozyme) with Reflex to Titer