ARUP Laboratories provides many specialty items required for the collection and transport of laboratory specimens to ARUP for testing. 

Please remember to reorder supplies before your anticipated need.  ARUP’s routine shipping method is 2 business days for most items.

In accordance with applicable laws, supplies provided by ARUP should only be used for the collection, preservation and transportation of specimens to be tested at ARUP. ARUP will distribute specialty supplies to clients as needed and based upon client utilization of testing performed by ARUP.

Client may order supplies directly from eSupply or by calling into ARUP Client Services. 

ARUP eSupply, an intuitive supply ordering system and platform, allows clients to:

  • Manage alternate shipping addresses
  • Easily track pending supply orders
  • View past orders
  • Quickly access photos, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), or 95 kPa validations
  • Identify backordered items during order entry
  • Receive shipments of most items within two business days

New features, available in April 2019, include the ability to:

  • View the new eSupply Catalog for detailed item information
  • Create a “Shopping List” specific to client’s needs
  • Easily access a dynamic list of the 10 most frequently ordered supplies for a client’s specific facility
  • Save an order as a draft for up to 72 hours
  • Clone orders
  • Be notified of an item in transit that may expire within the next 60 days
  • Validate alternate site shipping addresses
  • Opt out of order email notifications

eSupply training reference guide and tutorial

Access eSupply in ARUP Connect

Not yet enrolled in ARUP Connect? Register to find out more about how ARUP Connect can work for you.

Current users of ARUP Connect should contact their on-site ARUP Connect administrator to add eSupply to their profile.

If you have access but have forgotten your username or password, please contact your ARUP Connect administrator. If you do not know who your ARUP Connect administrator is, please contact Client Services at (800) 522-2787,, or chat online to obtain this information.


The PDF of the Client Supply Order Form is still available for review as a courtesy to clients not yet signed up for ARUP eSupply. The form may be printed and mailed or faxed as before. Images of supply items are available within the ARUP eSupply interface. Current users of ARUP Connect should contact their on-site ARUP Connect administrator to add this new feature to their profile.