Millennium Imaging System

ARUP improved its document imaging solution in 2014 by implementing Kofax Capture™ and Cerner’s Content360™ which allows linkage of many document and file types to different levels of a record (order, accession, encounter, etc.) within the Cerner Millennium Laboratory Information System (LIS) used at ARUP. Packing slips are scanned in batches capturing both sides of the document as specimens are received. An electronic image of the document is rendered within the LIS for quick retrieval by laboratory staff, pathologists, and customer support. Images are retained in secure cloud storage.

Enhanced features include on-line annotation of an image keeping a record of each version saved. Users may also scan or import important images or files from anywhere in the organization including instrument result files. Non-accession documents such as shipping documents may also be scanned and retrieved. ARUP has also enhanced its referral testing capability by electronically receiving and processing all test results from other reference labs. This improves quality and timeliness of information for our customers. All document images are processed through optical character recognition (OCR) to simplify retrieval and analysis.