ARUP Automation Systems


ARUP is one of the most automated laboratories in the United States. Much of our automation is unique, existing nowhere else in the world, and the direct result of our outstanding team of engineers, software developers, and managers.

ARUP Automation Systems

The main automated transport and sorting system has several components:

  1. A chain conveyor system that transports tubes from Specimen Processing Workstations
  2. Interface robotic systems (binders) that read the tube barcodes and transfer the tubes from specimen transport carriers to pucks
  3. The main MagneMotion automated transport system
  4. Thawing & mixing workcells
  5. High-speed automated sorters

Other important automated systems include the ATS storage sorter, storage and retrieval system, and Sort-to-Light for sorting specimens not transported on the main transport and sorting system.

A key aspect of any automation is the use of information technology to optimize performance. ARUP’s automation would not be as productive and perform with the intended quality if it were not for the carefully designed and engineered software that integrates separate components into one seamless system.