Avoid Redraws By Using the Correct Tubes

ARUP Will No Longer Accept Non-Certified Metals-Free Tubes

Deadline: November 12, 2018

In keeping with our mission to provide outstanding patient care, ARUP will no longer accept specimens for metals testing sent in non-certified metals-free tubes, beginning November 12, 2018.

This policy is designed to reduce the risk of false-positive results and potential metals contamination, thus ensuring greater accuracy for patient results, as well as comply with ISO, CAP and other regulations. After November 12, if specimens are sent in non-certified metals-free tubes, orders will be cancelled and patients will require a redraw in the correct tubes.

Acceptable Certified Metals-Free Tubes

ARUP Supply Tube Name
#16313 BD Vacutaine Royal blue (K2EDTA) tubes
#43116 ARUP Certified Trace-free Transport tubes

Order supplies via ARUP Connect.

Tests Requiring Certified Metals-free Tubes

We encourage you to order and begin using certified metals-free tubes for the following tests prior to the November 12, 2018 Quarterly Hotline deadline.

Antimony, Blood (0099007)
Arsenic, Blood (0099045)
Bismuth, Blood (0099478)
Cadmium, Blood (0099675)
Cobalt, Blood (0099231)
Heavy Metals Panel 3, Blood (0099470)
Heavy Metals Panel 4, Blood (0020584)
Lead, Blood Venous (0020098)
Lead, Industrial Exposure Panel, Adults (0025016)
Magnesium, RBC (0092079)*
Manganese, Whole Blood (0099272)
Mercury, Whole Blood (0099305)
Thallium, Whole Blood (0099610)
Zinc Quantitative, Whole Blood (2009373)


Outreach Education

To ease your workflow, we recommend forwarding this email to your outreach accounts. If you would like resources to assist with outreach education on correct tube use in metals testing, please let us know.

Notes and Contact

*Change has been effective since May 21, 2018

For inquiries regarding this notice, contact ARUP Client Services
Call (800) 522-2787 or email clientservices@aruplab.com.
Use keyword: metals tube.