ARUP Connect™

Information management and integration

  • Provides a secure online resource with self-serve options for
    clients to conduct business with ARUP Laboratories.
  • Allows clients to search for tests, edit patient orders,
    create packing lists, access test results,
    order supplies
    , and download client-specific reports.
  • Provide clients with a secure file-transfer application for
    downloading documents with private health information (PHI).

Secure Client-Information System

ARUP Connect is a secure online resource that assists registered clients with management of their referral testing. Through ARUP Connectís Order Management applications, clients have access to ARUPís test directory, patient orders, and test results. Clients can also leave comments or special instructions for the testing lab, and create detailed packing lists. ARUP Connect also allows clients to transmit patient data required by public health agencies, use ARUPís secure file transfer system to securely retrieve documents containing protected health information (PHI), receive reports and notifications, and order supplies through ARUP Connect.

New Features

The upcoming release of ARUP Connect includes features that will make your Connect experience more intuitive and efficient.

New features include:

  • More user-friendly permissions management:
    • Current format preferences remain visible and selected under each service (see image below) that includes format options.
    • Services reorganized in alphabetical order are easier to find.
    • On/off button replaces checkboxes (see image below) for an immediate visual of services selected.
    • Certain services will be renamed so the service name matches the name on the header navigation menu, so you know exactly what service youíre selecting.
    • Client IDs do not have to be entered manually; new users automatically receive the same client IDs as the administrator, but permissions remain off until selected. Additional client IDs can be added after a user is created.

  • An alert appears when you select a service that will alter your notification preferences.
  • User name is now visible at the top of each user log (see image below), so you can quickly view and track user log-ins.

How to Register

A designated site administrator within your organization is responsible for creating and managing ARUP Connect accounts. Please contact ARUP Client Services with your ARUP client identification number to learn who your designated site administrator is.

If your organization does not have a designated site administrator assigned, please take the following steps:

  1. Determine who within your organization will function as the designated site administrator.
  2. Register for ARUP Connect services.

Secure File Transfer (Non-ARUP Connect Users)

Secure file transfer service is available by default to all registered ARUP Connect users; current users do not need to register. However, non-ARUP Connect users can register directly online to securely download PHI from ARUP Laboratories. After registering, users will be notified via email when files are available for download.

Enhanced Laboratory Reports

This feature provides online access to additional information, such as graphs, associated with some reports. If this feature is available for a laboratory test, a username and password will be included at the end of the report.

To download an enhanced laboratory report, enter the username and password provided at the end of the report and click the Download button.

  • virco®TYPE reports
  • SPEP/IFE reports (serum protein electrophoresis and/or immunofixation electrophoresis)