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There are 146 total entries for the year 2015.

Lloyd IE, Rowe LR, Erickson LK, Paxton CN, South ST, Alashari M. Two cases of Scimitar syndrome associated with multiple congenital skeletal anomalies and lacking abnormalities by genomic microarray analysis. Pediatric and Development Pathology 2015;17(5):360–5.

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Kwan ML, Kroenke CH, Sweeney C, Bernard PS, Weltzien EK, Castillo A, Factor RE, Maxfield KS, Stijleman IJ, Kushi LH, Quesenberry CP, Habel LA, Caan BJ. Association of high obesity with PAM50 breast cancer intrinsic subtypes and gene expression. BMC Cancer 2015;15(1):278.

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Javan H, Szuscik AM, Li L, Schaaf CL, Salama ME, Selzman CH. Cardiomyocyte p65 nuclear factor-?B is necessary for Compensatory Adaptation to Pressure-Overload. Circulation, Heart Failure 2015;8(1):109-18.

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