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Patient Gallery
Patients Not Samples, People Not Data, Work Worth Doing

Take this moment to step into the lives of patients bravely sharing their stories and helping us realize the role diagnostic medicine played in their journeys toward health. The resiliency of these individuals, the commitment of the clinicians and laboratorians involved, is rejuvenating medicine for all of us.


A Singular DNA Destiny Decoding the Beauty and Hardships of Life

In the painting, a colorful DNA helix streams out of the palm of Logan’s hand—In reality, this young man’s four-fingered hand is typically gripping a paintbrush, to capture in art the unique characteristics of his body as well as his personal struggles with the way he was born. He and his sister were born with two rare genetic conditions. The chances of this happening? One in 10 billion. The odds of winning the lottery are significantly higher.
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A Newborn Test Determines Different Trajectories in the Lives of Two Siblings

“She smiled a lot, crawled at a year, walked at 18 months—this was slow but not alarming. It wasn’t enough to make a pediatrician seek out testing,” recalls Heidi. At two, she “had no words.” “I kept saying to myself, ‘she is going to be fine. She is just moving at her own pace.’ Everyone else said not to worry, that I was just being a nervous first-time mom.” But things didn’t get better.
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From You Sister with Love—the Gift of Life

When Kylie slides open her closet door, a blush of bridesmaid dresses lines the far side—all silky remnants of unattended or barely made weddings. As her college friends walked down aisles to exchange vows, her life was riddled with doctors’ appointments and hospital stays. “It’s not a good thing when everyone in the ER knows your name.” Nine years ago, Kylie was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, which meant she would eventually need a new liver.
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When Your Own Blood Turns on You: A Journey of Endurance through Multiple Myeloma

Gary had hit ruts before, but this one was different. He was hauling a 60-pound pack loaded with timing gear down the mountain when his skis caught. He didn’t fall, but he felt an instant shock of pain in his back. “Damn, I tweaked it,” thought Gary, a man used to pushing through pain on many of his endurance outings. What lay ahead of him would demand more endurance—physical and mental—than he had ever imagined.
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Dancing Through the Pain
Immunogenicity Testing Deliver Relief to Patients with Autoimmune Diseases

In order to keep dancing, she kept pushing through the joint pain. Then one morning, she couldn’t even walk; her body was not allowing her to put any pressure on her feet. Looking back, Lisa recalls this moment vividly it was the beginning of her life with rheumatoid arthritis. She was 22. Drs. Lázár-Molnár and Delgado developed a test that provides a more personalized approach to treating people with autoimmune diseases.
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My Life Was Disappearing Before My Eyes

The fatigue lingered after Chris caught strep. He reasoned it was the exhaustion that comes with having a new baby and Minnesota’s bleak, winter days. But his weakness intensified; his arms trembled lifting his newborn daughter, so he compromised, laying on the floor with her. By spring, he was seeing double, short of breath, and his hands tingled. He began needing a cane and wheelchair to get around. Still, no one knew what was wrong. It was the beginning of a downward spiral into a diagnostic odyssey that would include hundreds of tests and eight specialists. Ultimately, luck and the right diagnostic test would play a key role.