Immunohematology Testing Services

This list represents a selection of tests available at ARUP. For a full test menu, please refer to the ARUP Laboratory Test Directory.

Test Number Test Name
0010003 ABO Group & Rh Type
0010004 Antibody Detection, RBC
0013003 Antibody ID Package (IRL)
0013005 Antibody Identification, RBC (prenatal only)
0013006 Antibody Titer
0013020 Antigen Testing, RBC Phenotype Extended
0013019 Antigen Testing, Rh Phenotype
0013008 Direct Coombs (Anti-HumanGlobulin)
0013039 Donath Landsteiner
0013010 Elution & AntibodyIdentification, RBC
2000270 Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgM
2000271 Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgG
2000280 Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgG & IgM
0051644 Kell Antigen Genotyping, (KEL1/KEL2)
0050421 Rh Genotyping—C/c Antigen, Fetal
0051368 Rh Genotyping D Antigen
0050423 Rh Genotyping—E/e Antigen, Fetal
0013014 Rh Type Only
0013030 Warm Auto Adsorption
0013025 Warm Triple Adsorption