Reprint labels

This feature allows you to reprint labels for any specimens that were printed within the previous three days.

Note:  This feature will only work if you have chosen to print ARUP labels.

  1. Select the applicable Client ID from the drop-down list.
  2. Scroll through the list to locate the desired specimens. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move through pages or select on a page number to go to a specific page.You can also search for a specific patient ID, patient name, or visit number. In the Search For field, enter the first characters of the item you are searching for and select Search or press Enter.

    Note: The Visit Number field is customizable and may be named something else in your system.

  3. Select the Print check box for any specimens that require a reprinted label. You can continue searching for and mark additional specimens in the list as needed.
  4. Select Print Selected. All labels that have a check mark in the Print box will print at the label printer.