Signature Genomics FAQ

ARUP has received various inquiries regarding the closing of Signature Genomics (SG) and ARUP’s role in providing former SG clients with referral testing services.

What is ARUP’s relationship to Signature Genomics?

  • ARUP was contacted by PerkinElmer, Signature Genomics’ parent company, and asked if PerkinElmer could recommend ARUP Laboratories to Signature Genomics’ former clients as an alternative reference laboratory.

If I am not already an ARUP client, may I submit to ARUP via institutional billing?

  • Using the SG paperwork provided in the kits, complete the institutional billing section and submit to ARUP. To obtain ARUP kits and forms, call (800) 242-2787, ext. 3347.

Will ARUP accept SG’s collection kits and requisitions?

  • ARUP is prepared to receive and process SG-branded kits and paperwork. The supplies contained in the SG kits are the same or comparable to what is used at ARUP for equivalent testing.

Does ARUP have specimen collection kits available? And if so, how do I obtain these kits?

  • ARUP has developed kits comparable to the SG kits. Former SG clients may call (800) 242-2787, ext. 3347 to obtain these kits.

Does ARUP have equivalent testing to what was offered by SG?

Will ARUP be accepting patient self-pay and patient insurance billing testing?

  • ARUP has a system to accept credit cards, money orders, or checks for patient self-pay testing. For more information regarding patient insurance billing, call (800) 242-2787, ext. 3347.