Our genetic counselors are involved throughout the process of genetic testing; a continuum that begins even before the test has been ordered all the way to ensuring final results are received and understood. Their involvement is full circle.

Review Test Orders

Test orders are reviewed for appropriateness and cost effectiveness—the right test, at the right time, for the right diagnosis. For example, if a patient knows her mother has a specific gene variant in the BRCA1 gene and her provider orders a cancer panel test (examining variants in multiple genes) to see if she has a hereditary predisposition to cancer, then an ARUP genetic counselor will suggest a more appropriate test that targets just the familial variant in the BRCA1 gene.

Coordinate Testing

Genetic testing is coordinated with the ordering lab and/or healthcare provider. For example, our genetic counselors may assist with tiered testing on a prenatal sample, expedite testing for a hospitalized baby, or aid a pediatrician in submitting follow-up testing for an abnormal newborn screen.

Write Customized Reports

Many genetic test reports are tailored to the patient’s family and health history. Complex information is summarized and explained to ordering providers so that they can better understand the results and improve medical care for their patients.


Accessible and responsive, our genetic counselors consult with clients and healthcare providers daily, providing guidance on test ordering and in understanding results. In time-sensitive cases, they will call providers directly with urgent results (e.g., a chromosome disorder in a NICU baby).