Echosens Fibrometer (Liver Fibrosis, Chronic Viral Hepatitis)

Test Details

Scores are algorithmically calculated from values of blood biomarkers, platelet count, demographic information.

Measurements Performed by ARUP Alpha-2-macroglobulin, ALT, AST, GGT, prothrombin index, urea
Information Provided by Client Patient's platelet count, age, gender
Calculated Scores Score ranges from 0 to 1, 1 being the most severe stage:
  • Fibrosis score (FibroMeter)
  • Cirrhosis score (CirrhoMeter)
  • Necroinflammatory activity score (InflaMeter)
Metavir Classifications Corresponding classifications are reported together with the scores:
  • F0–F4 for fibrosis/cirrhosis
  • A0–A3 for activity grade