Molly McGuire

Molly McGuire, BA, BS

Business Solutions Associate

Ask me about: Market research, satisfaction surveys, project management

Molly’s first introduction to healthcare work was in medical transcription, a job she took after high school because she didn’t yet have a career plan. The challenge of untangling medical terminology piqued her interest. Molly enrolled in a medical technology course and went to work in a hospital lab, developing a specialty in microbiology. She took that knowledge with her to Cambodia for a one-month volunteer job during the Cambodian-Vietnamese War in 1978, where she helped set up a field laboratory in a refugee camp. Molly went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and a job selling blood glucose testing strips when self-testing was new. Molly said she enjoys supporting the team and knowing that she’s contributing to the larger goal of improving healthcare for clients and patients. Molly lives in Portland, Oregon, with her two cats in the house her parents built in 1954. She said she loves Portland for its beauty and swears that the coffee and bookstore options there are unmatched.