Erik Forsman

Erik Forsman, BS

Senior Data Consultant

Ask me about: Database architecture and administration, machine learning, optimizing and automating data sourcing, analyses, and visualizations

To Erik, data are a roadmap to opportunity and change. As a senior data consultant in ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services, Erik said his job is to help busy healthcare systems find the right map for their unique journey. Often the data have already been gathered but are just waiting to be used. “We help clients ‘see’ their data to better understand what’s going on in their hospitals,” he said. That can lead to improved efficiencies in organizational structure, test utilization, and operations that provide a direct benefit to patients. Erik is one of three on ARUP’s team of data experts who do more than just juggle numbers, charts, and graphs. Erik’s skills run from information technology and database development and management to comprehensive data dashboards, automated data gathering, and more. Erik’s first job at ARUP was in the lab while he worked on his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. He went on to hone his data skills working for Rio Tinto as an internal engineering consultant and data analyst at their various mining sites before returning to ARUP as a data consultant. He has lived in Sweden and England and once had dreams of a career as a drummer in a band. Erik and his wife are parents of two daughters, a son, and a cat.