Out-of-Pocket Estimator

ARUP's new out-of-pocket estimation tool offers patients transparency about the balance of charges, which may remain after insurance. Simply complete the secure fields below to learn about the possible out-of-pocket costs associated with select ARUP testing.

These estimates are averages based on historical claims data, from information you provide, and are not quotes or guarantees. Your actual expenses and benefits may vary depending on your insurance company and your specific plan. Please check with your health insurance to confirm whether you're covered for the charges that you may incur for the requested service. You are responsible for charges not covered by your health plan, as well as any required pre-authorizations or referrals. We strongly encourage you to check with your health insurance provider for the most accurate out-of-pocket cost for any procedure or service.

Coverage may vary depending on product, location, specific benefit plan, or the payer's medical policy guidelines.

If you receive the message “No insurance price found for CPT code” then it is not possible at this time to determine an out-of-pocket charge for your selected test.