New ARUP Connect Feature: Order Tracking

Calling ARUP for the status of your orders is time-consuming, inefficient and only gives you updates at the specific moment you call. Our new order tracking system offers convenient, real-time access to the status of your orders whenever an update is needed to support your physicians and their patients. This new feature allows you to track the arrival of specimens at ARUP, to answer healthcare providers’ requests for information about testing progress and estimated completion dates and to support the overall efficiency of your laboratory operations.

What’s Included

  • Order statuses “ordered”, “in lab”, “in progress”, “complete”, “cancelled”, “on except” and “test delay”
  • Confirmation of specimen arrival at ARUP
  • Estimated completion times
  • Alerts for test delays and tests on except, including links to eExcept to resolve issues
  • Options for adding and canceling tests in Order Change Request, our new Connect feature that allows you to quickly request add-ons and cancellations


Order Tracking is available in the pending and search tabs in Order Status and Results. Click the green plus button located in the status column to view details of your orders

More Information

Find out more by logging in to ARUP Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connect’s order tracker system?

Order tracking allows you monitor the progress of your orders from order to completion. The system also offers convenient tools for completing tasks that are often dependent on the status of orders including requesting add-ons and cancelation and resolving exception handling issues.

How will the order tracking system benefit my lab?

As a laboratory ourselves, ARUP understands the demands placed on our partner laboratories to accurately and efficiently provide critical testing information to physicians who rely on your services to provide high-quality care. While daily interactions with vendors – phone, email, fax, other -- may seem small and inconsequential, the cumulative impact on the variable costs of your operations across weeks, months and years is significant.

As a reference laboratory dedicated to your success, this new tracking system is designed to minimize contact required for routine types of information and tasks that your team needs every day. Order tracking gives you greater visibility into our test process so you can quickly and accurately track the arrival of specimens, monitor estimated completion times and complete tasks associated with test status such as request add-ons and cancelations and resolve exceptions.

When will the order tracking system be available to clients?

October 10, 2018

How will I be notified?

Announcements will be posted in the In Focus section of the home page of and Connect. Emails will be sent beginning October 10, 2018.

Who will provide initial training and subsequent support?

Training and support will be provided by ARUP’s Client Relations Training team (800-242-2787 ext. 5269 or