Welcome to ARUP Laboratories’ 2022 Open Enrollment!

This year, open enrollment will take place from October 18 through November 2, 2021. It is an “active” enrollment year, which means that all employees scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week are required to complete the open enrollment process, even if they are not currently enrolled in ARUP’s insurance plans.

Current benefits will not automatically roll over to the upcoming year.

We have a few changes and some new benefits to share this year. In addition to our Medical 750 and Medical 1500 Plans, we are especially excited to offer a new medical plan option, Bind, that will further empower you with choices, allow for cost transparency, and match your and your family’s healthcare and financial needs.

Medical Plan

Bind introduces a whole new way of thinking about medical insurance and offers the following features:

  • Copay fee only; there is no deductible or coinsurance involved.
  • Access to University of Utah Health, MountainStar Healthcare, and Intermountain Healthcare networks
  • Expanded access to other major healthcare networks across the United States.

A tool that allows for price transparency and comparison. You will know, up front, what the costs will be (e.g., for having a baby or a surgical procedure).

We are also very excited to announce the following enhancements to our medical plans:

  • All our medical plans are available to both in-state and out-of-state employees.
  • For all plans, mental health office visits now have a waived deductible.
  • For all plans, marriage counseling is now included in mental health office visits.
  • All plans provide a $20,000 lifetime benefit for infertility treatment.

Note: The employee portion of the premiums for our medical plans will increase slightly for 2022. As always, ARUP will continue to pay the majority of the overall price for premiums.

Dental Plan

Dental Select will continue to administer ARUP’s dental plans, with a few positive changes.

  • The maximum benefit has been increased for both dental plans by $500. The Dental 1500 Plan maximum benefit has increased from $1,500 to $2,000; the Dental Plus Plan maximum benefit has increased from $2,000 to $2,500.
  • For orthodontia, the annual limit has been removed, allowing you to take advantage of the full $2,000 lifetime benefit.
  • Employee premiums will not increase for our dental plans for 2022.

Voluntary Benefits

Premiums will not increase for voluntary benefits, including life and accident insurance.

The Benefits Team Is Ready to Help You

The Benefits team will hold kickoff meetings on October 18 and 19. Times will be offered to accommodate a variety of shifts, and the meetings will be recorded and available to employees to access at their convenience on the Benefits website. Reminders and more information on times will be emailed to you.

In addition to the kickoff meetings, the Benefits team will also be available for 15-minute help sessions to assist you in completing the open enrollment process in UKG Pro (formally Ultipro). These help sessions will be held through Microsoft Teams or by telephone.

To schedule a session, view recorded meetings, or to start researching healthcare plans, visit the Benefits website (aruplab.com/benefits). For general questions, email: benefitshelp@aruplab.com.

Moving Forward Into 2022

Our healthcare benefits continue to evolve because we are always looking for new options that will better support our employees.

We’re confident these benefits will meet your and your family’s needs. We also want to thank each of you for making good healthcare decisions and helping our company keep our premiums low. This allows us to reinvest in our employees and offer additional benefits, such as paid parental leave, short-term disability, and the HealthJoy app.

We know our employees are what keep us strong as a company. Your physical and mental health impact the health of our company, so we hope you will strive for a healthy 2022 and that ARUP’s benefits will help make that possible.


The ARUP Executive Team