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Open Enrollment

Changes or Additions for 2019

  • No premium increase for the medical or dental plan
  • New HealthJoy app. This will help ARUP employees receive personal guidance for their benefits and is provided at no cost to the employee.
  • Virtual visits and Healthcare Bluebook will no longer be available through UUHP. Both will be replaced with the HealthJoy app.
  • Domestic partners and their children will no longer be eligible for benefit coverage and programs beginning 2019.
  • Slight premium increase for the vision plan
  • New Short-term disability plan for all eligible employees working 20 or more hours a week. This is a company paid benefit and will replace our current long-term sick policy. Employees will pay the tax associated with this benefit.
  • New employee assistance program with Supportlinc
  • New voluntary benefit for identity theft with InfoArmor. $ 9.95 for individual and $17.95 for family a month.
  • UTA price decreases to $44.50 a month.
  • Employees can increase or pick up Voluntary Life Insurance up to 30,000.

Where can I view the open enrollment meeting presentation?

  • The meeting will be recorded and put on the benefit website One of the presentation is also interpreted (ASL).

I opened my Open Enrollment Session, but I decided I do not want to make changes therefor did not submit. Will my elections still roll over?

  • Yes.

Are the medical plans that are offered currently still the plans that will be offered in 2019?

  • Yes, the plans coverages are remaining the same, and there are no premium increases.

Why are we no longer recognizing domestic partners beginning 2019? Will existing domestic partners be grandfathered into this program?

  • We realize that there are many committed same-sex and opposite-sex couples who may not be legally married, or want to get married, and that is a personal decision. Our intent is not to effect an employee’s personal marital decision; rather, ARUP is changing eligibility requirements to best manage our benefit plans. ARUP is committed to cover spouses and dependents, and as a result we are no longer placing employees in different categories. We also wish to prevent loop-holes that may allow roommates or friends of an employee to be covered on our plans. This is a difficult area to monitor so changing our benefit eligibility requirements assists us to effectively manage these plans.

    Our benefit broker, GBS, provided the following information that shows ARUP is not alone in removing the domestic partner benefit:

    “Employers began covering Domestic Partners to provide an equal benefit to those who were not legally allowed to get married—the initial intent was not to accommodate those who choose to not get married. Now that this is legal across the country, the need for this has diminished. I work with several large national employers who have elected to remove this (most did not give a year’s warning like ARUP). I am not sure that I can share those employer’s names, but what I can tell you is that they are extremely large national employers.

Is the HDHP only available for out-of-state employee or can in-state employee enroll minus the HSA portion?

  • Yes, this plan is only available to our out-of-state employees. We are unable to provide a medical plan with an HSA to employees in the state of Utah, because we provide the Family Health Clinic, which is considered to be a medical plan. Per the IRS we cannot have both.
  • These benefits will continue and will roll over next year. They have not been added to the Open Enrollment Session.

New: Company-paid short term disability

Calculation Tool

Why is ARUP making this change?

  • ARUP wants to provide all employees with income protection should they have a temporary illness or injury. Currently 52% of ARUP’s workforce have less than 100 hours of accrued long-term sick (LTS) hours, and many have none at all. By adding the short-term disability benefits, this will give employees peace of mind that they can continue to meet financial obligations during the most difficult times in their lives. Rather than relying on accrued LTS hours during times of need, the short-term disability plan provides immediate assistance to all eligible employees. Although this new plan is more expensive for the company we feel it will be an added benefit for our employees.

How does this benefit me?

  • When you are hospitalized or have an illness or injury, and cannot perform the duties of your job, many employees go without income. Short-term disability will provide you a financial benefit that pays 60% of your salary tax-free, up to $2,500 per week, up to 13 weeks. New employees, 7/7 employees and other employees that do not have any accrued LTS will now have coverage for an approved absence that lasts longer than seven days. For those employees that have been working at ARUP for many years and have a large LTS balance, they will get to keep this balance and use it to supplement the short-term disability payments or to use during the 7-day waiting period. Another major benefit of this plan is it covers childbirth up to six weeks for normal delivery and up to eight weeks for C-section delivery.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

  • All employees that work 20 or more hours a week.

What is short-term disability?

  • Protection for your paycheck in the event you have a medical condition that will keep you out of work. This benefit will help you meet your financial obligations while you are recovering from an injury, illness, surgery or childbirth.

Short-term disability benefits at a glance

  • A cash benefit of 60% of your weekly salary (up to $2500) when you are out of work for up to 13 weeks due to injury, illness, or surgery (6-8 week for recovery from childbirth)
  • A partial cash benefit if you can only do part of your job or work part time
  • A prompt, responsive claims process
  • 7 day waiting period to access weekly pay unless there is a hospitalization which begins day 1.

1st day Hospitalization

  • If an employee is hospitalized due to an accident, surgery, delivery of a child, or such, employees will begin receiving 60% of their weekly earnings up to $2500 tax free.
  • 1st day means, the first scheduled shift missed for the employee.

Illness or Injury

  • Employees must be out of work for 7 calendar days due to an accidental injury or illness before they can collect disability benefits.
  • Employees will begin receiving 60% of the weekly earnings up to $2500 tax free on the 8th calendar day.

Can I use my accrued PTO or LTS during a short-term disability?

  • Short-term disability benefits can coordinate with income from other sources.
  • For your own hospitalization, illness or injury, you will use 40% of your accrued LTS benefits until those hours are exhausted then you can choose to use PTO or go unpaid.

What if I have a pre-existing condition:

  • Short-term disability benefits beginning January 1, 2019 will not be subject to pre-existing conditions.

Is short-term disability available for paternity leave?

  • No, disability benefits cover hospitalizations, illness and injuries.

I currently pay for voluntary short-term disability will this new plan replace what I have?

  • Yes.

Will ARUP still have long-term disability if I’m out of work longer than 13 weeks?

  • Yes, this plan is remaining the same.

Flexible Spending

Do I need to enroll into Flex Spending dollars, even though it is a passive enrollment year?

  • Yes, you will need to re-elect flex spending medical, daycare and transit dollars if you would like to have funds for 2019.

I am not able to enroll my dependents in flexible spending?

  • You do not need to select covered dependents within the session for this benefit however, please make sure they are added on the NBS website


I need a new card

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  • Contact UUHP at Call 801-587-6480 or toll free 888-271-5870
  • Reach out to UUHP Customer Service via MyChart

I need to find a provider

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I have an issue with a claim

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I need to report that I have other insurance

What is the difference between the UUHP Healthy Premier and UUHP Healthy Preferred?

  • Healthy Premier has two options for the deductible 750 and 1500. This plan also offers a wider range in the provider network, benefits for out of state employees and employees with dependents who live out of state, and out of network benefits.
  • Healthy Preferred is also known as our Exclusive Plan. This plan has one option with a 750 deductible. This plan has a narrower network, with no benefits out of the state for employees or dependents. It also does not have an out of network option.

How do I submit for reimbursement on the Spousal Plan?

  • If you have already paid for services, and have proof of payment you can submit the receipt along with the EOB or pharmacy information to NBS by filling out this form. The form may be faxed, emailed or mailed to NBS.
  • Spousal HRA Reimbursement Form
  • Reimbursements can also be submitted via the NBS web portal or the NBS phone APP.

I have a bill that has not been paid for and would like to submit it to the Spousal Plan for payment.

  • The bill invoice may be sent to NBS, along with a claim form by email, fax or mail. The invoice can also be submitted via the NBS web portal or the NBS APP.

I am trying to sign up for the NBS website and I am being asked for an Employer number, what is this?

  • The Employer number is NBS468933 and the Employee number is your social security number.


I need a new card

  • Get instant access to your card within the HealthJoy app
  • Contact UUHP at Call 801-587-6480 or toll free 888-271-5870 or via MyChart.

I need to find a pharmacy

  • Get free help within the HealthJoy app and learn how to save on medications
  • Self-service: or call 855-828-1484

    To use the website, you will need to login to to see the preferred pharmacies

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What other services come with enrollment into the vision plan

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