ARUP spends over $120 million annually on outside goods and services from over 1,600 external suppliers. In 2003, ARUP adopted supply chain management as a new purchasing strategy. By doing so, extra time and energy is spent on how suppliers are chosen and how they are managed. ARUP is identifying the best suppliers and standardizing products and services to reduce overall costs. Major commodities purchased include:

  • Reagent chemicals
  • Transportation services
  • Lab supplies
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • IT equipment
  • IT supplies and services
  • Printers and reproduction equipment
  • Office products and furniture
  • Facilities and security services
  • Construction services
  • Safety products
  • Janitorial supplies

Purchasing Procedures

  1. Appointments are required.
  2. All supplier representatives must sign in and obtain a visitor pass from the front desk.
  3. All purchasing activities are coordinated through the ARUP purchasing department.
  4. A purchase order (PO) must be obtained from the purchasing department prior to the delivery of goods or services.
  5. It is expected that all suppliers conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner with ARUP. ARUP employees are not permitted to seek or accept gifts.
  6. ARUP operates in an open supplier environment and supports activities to assist minority and women owned businesses.
  7. ARUP has a procurement card program, which allows departments to purchase low dollar material and services needs.