2021 Lab Leadership Symposium Presented by ARUP

Thank you for joining us for our first-ever Lab Leadership Symposium!

Symposium Overview

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, hospitals and health systems are under more pressure than ever to cut costs and create efficiencies. The need has never been greater for laboratory leaders to increase their visibility and prove the value of their labs to decision makers who face hard choices. Equip yourself with tools and strategies from peers, industry experts, and the hospital and health system decision makers themselves during this free half-day symposium.



Keynote Address: Leading Through a Pandemic

Northwell Health CEO Michael J. Dowling

Keynote Speaker
Michael J. Dowling, MSW
President and CEO, Northwell Health

Dwayne Breining, MD

Guest Speaker
Dwayne Breining, MD
Executive Director of Northwell Health Labs


Synopsis: What challenges has Northwell Health faced during the COVID-19 pandemic? Dowling will discuss how New York’s largest health system, with laboratories’ support, rapidly ramped up COVID-19 testing and treated more patients than any other U.S. health system during the pandemic’s first wave. He’ll also discuss how the pandemic has reinforced the need for governments and health systems to prepare for future infectious disease outbreaks and will talk about the essential role diagnostic laboratories play in identifying viral hotspots early to slow the spread of diseases.

Rick Panning

Establishing a Working Relationship With the C-Suite
Rick Panning, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM
Senior Healthcare Consultant, ARUP Laboratories, and Former Senior Administrative Director of Laboratory Services, HealthPartners

Synopsis: Drawing on his years of experience as a lab leader, Panning will discuss four key categories involved in establishing a relationship with the c-suite: expectations, alignment, communication, and involvement.

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Andrew Fletcher, MD

Demonstrating the Value of Laboratory Medicine: Driving CMS Quality Metrics
Andrew Fletcher, MD, MBA, CPE, CHCQM, FCAP
Medical Director of Consultative Services, ARUP Laboratories; Clinical Adjunct Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine

Synopsis: Fletcher will outline laboratory strategies for driving improvements in areas such as length of stay, care transition, payment denials, readmissions, and hospital-acquired conditions. Each of these strategies has potential to save millions of dollars or foster revenue growth while simultaneously improving patient care.

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What Do Health Systems Expect From Their Client Laboratories, and How Do They Measure Success?

Synopsis: Clinical laboratories are integral to the success of a health system’s service lines. Success of all service lines—from inpatient and outpatient to both primary care and subspecialty care and across all patient demographic groups—requires enormous flexibility. Given this, how do health system leaders measure the success of their systems’ laboratories, and where would they like to see more progress?


How Lab Stewardship and Outreach Affect the Continuum of Care

Synopsis: Lab results are a significant component of a patient’s medical record and drive a majority of healthcare decisions, whether in the hospital or in an ambulatory setting. How do labs utilize stewardship and outreach programs to influence revenue, patient outcomes, and the total cost of care?