Pain Management Patient Monitoring

Testing at ARUP Laboratories

ARUP’s unique approach
to pain management
patient monitoring
offers physicians
multiple choices.

ARUP offers Traditional Quantitative Results with Screen and Reflex Panel

In select situations, a quantitative result can assist physicians in the monitoring or treatment of their patients. As a complement to our LC/TOF qualitative panels, ARUP offers physicians an immunoassay with auto reflex to LC/MS/MS quantitative results.

The extended pain management panel was designed to meet the granularity requirements of monitoring pain management patients while being mindful of the cost to both the patient and the health system.

If a confirmation is needed, ARUP will automatically reflex to LC/MS/MS metholology on any of the drug classes. Our three panels complement pain management testing requirements while helping reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses.

Resolving Unanswered Questions

Immunoassay screens and point-of-care cups may report opiates as a class but not as individual drugs, leaving certain questions unanswered: What was positive? What was tested? Benzodiazepines, for example, tend to be a source of false negatives, as they are poorly sensitive to the metabolite of clonazepam. ARUP’s high-resolution drug panel uses advanced technologies, reducing unexpected or ambiguous results and the need for costly confirmation testing.

Features and benefits include:

  • Comprehensive, high-resolution results for 35 drugs and metabolites where immunoassays are not adequate
  • Significant decrease in time and testing expenses
  • Reduced need for most confirmation testing
  • Available with interpretation
  • Single-drug confirmations also available
  • Performed 7 days per week