Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Oncology

ARUP offers a test menu that accommodates more than 99 percent of pediatric testing requests for the diagnosis and management of conditions that affect the healthy growth and development of the pediatric patient. With a large percentage of testing performed at ARUP, children’s hospitals can be more operationally efficient with their referral testing.

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Test # Test Name Additional Information
2002719 Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) Panel by FISH, Pediatric
2005010 BCR-ABL1, Qualitative with Reflex to BCR-ABL1 Quantitative
0080407 Catecholamines Fractionated by LC-MS/MS, Urine Free
2011114 CBFB-MYH11 inv(16) Detection, Quantitative Additional Technical Information
2002292 Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow
2002290 Chromosome Analysis, Leukemic Blood
2002298 Chromosome FISH, Interphase Please specify which FISH probe you wish to order.
2002440 EGFR Mutation Detection by Pyrosequencing Additional Technical Information
2007225 EWSR1 (22q12) Gene Rearrangement by FISH Additional Technical Information
0080422 Homovanillic Acid (HVA), Urine
2004992 Juvenile Polyposis (BMPR1A) Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication
2001971 Juvenile Polyposis (SMAD4) Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication
2002437 KIT Mutations in AML by Fragment Analysis and Sequencing Additional Technical Information
0096299 Leukemia/Lymphoma Phenotyping (Comprehensive—Whole Blood)
2014683 LeukoStrat CDx FLT3 Mutation Detection by PCR Additional Technical Information
0050184 Metanephrines, Plasma (Free)
2007227 MYCN (N-MYC) Gene Amplification by FISH Additional Technical Information
0080470 Vanillylmandelic Acid (VMA) & Homovanillic Acid (HVA), Urine
0080421 Vanillylmandelic Acid (VMA), Urine