ARUP Trade Shows

ARUP Events

ARUP attends and sponsors various laboratory and medical tradeshows, including those in the fields of genetics, oncology, anatomic pathology, and laboratory medicine. Look for our booth at the upcoming events listed below.

Trade Show Specialties include:

Trade Shows & Events for 2016

Trade Show Event Date(s)
Park City AP Conference February 7–11
Children's Health Transfusion & Laboratory Medicine Conference February 11–12
Florida Society of Pathologists (FSP) February 14–16
NEO & Specialty Review in Neonatology February 23–27
Georgia CLMA February 25
ACMG Annual Genetics Meeting March 8–12
TN CLMA March 19
USCAP March 12–18
CLMA Knowledge Lab March 20–23
Society for Inherited Metabolic Disorders (SIMD) March 28–30
Arizona Soc of Pathology April 2
SIMD (Soc for Inherited Metabolic Disorders) April 3–6
NEO Medical Directors Meeting April 4–6
Lab Revolution (G2 Intelligence) April 6–8
MedAssets Healthcare Business Summit April 7–9
City of Hope CLMA (GLAC - CLMA) April 9
Clinical Laboratory Collaborative Conference (CLCC) April 9–10
2016 Vizient Supplier Summit (Novation) April 11–13
Alaska CLSA Annual State Conference April 13–15
Ohio CLC April 13–15
ASCLS–Illinois April 15–16
ASCLS–Hawaii April 15–16
ASCLS–Michigan April 15–17
Chicago Chapter CLMA and ASCLS-IL Spring Meeting April 21–22
ASCLS–Idaho April 21–23
Clinical Laboratory of Scientists of Alaska April 24
MN CLC April 25–27
MedAssets April 26–28
Executive War College April 26–28
TCA (Texas Care Alliance) April 28–30
Collaborative Laboratory Conference–Minnesota April 29–May 1
Hawaii ASCLS May 18–May 19
Premier's Annual Breakthroughs Conference June 21–June 24
DIA (Drug Information Associations) June 26–June 30