CAP '17–The Pathologists' Meeting

October 8–11, 2017
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ARUP Onocology

ARUP’s oncology test menu offers a wide variety of testing designed to answer important clinical questions regarding diagnosis and prognosis, monitoring, pharmacogenomics, and therapeutic triage of malignancies.

Our Oncology Services

Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) by ddPCR:

  • BRAF V600E mutation detection
  • EGFR T790M mutation detection

Next-generation sequencing:

  • BCR-ABL1 mutation analysis for tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance
  • Myeloid malignancies panel with or without copy number analysis
  • Solid tumor mutation panel

Additional testing:

  • Circulating tumor cell (CTC) count
  • Technical only flow cytometry service for leukemia/lymphoma NOW AVAILABLE
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