Key to Units and Abbreviations

%Total percent total
/uL per microliter
ADA American Diabetes Association
AMAAmerican Medical Association
APLIgA phospholipid units
ASHIAmerican Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
AUarbitrary units
AU/mLarbitrary units per milliliter
BALbronchoalveolar lavage
CAE complement activity enzyme
CAPCollege of American Pathologists
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CFU/mLcolony forming units per milliliter
CLSIClinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
cm centimeter
cmm cubic millimeter
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
cP centipoise unit
CPM counts per minute
CPT Current Procedural Terminology
cPU centipoise unit
cpy/mL copies per milliliter
crt creatinine
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
CVS clean voided specimen
d day
deg C degree Centigrade
dL deciliter
EIA enzyme immunoassay
EIU enzyme immunoassay unit
ELISA enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
ETU/mL endotoxin units per milliliter
EU ELISA units
EV ELISA value
fL femtoliter
fmol/L femtomole per liter
g gram
g/5 hrs hrs grams per 5 hours
g/24 hrs hrs grams per 24 hours
g/d grams per day
g/dL grams per deciliter
g/g grams per gram
g/L grams per liter
GPL IgG phospholipid units
Hb hemoglobin
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
hr hour
ISR immune status ratio
IU international unit
IU/24 international units per 24 hours
IU/g international units per gram
IU/L international units per liter
IU/mL international units per milliliter
IVindex value
kDa kilodalton
kg kilogram
k/μL thousand per microliter
kPa kilopascal
kU/L kilounits per liter
L liter
lb pound
lbs pounds
LOINC Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes
LIA Microlatex Particle-Mediated Immunoassay
LI Lyme Index
LIV Lyme Index Value
log log
log IU log international units
M/μL million per microliter
mcg/dL microgram per deciliter
mcg/g microgram per gram
mcg/L microgram per liter
mcg/mL microgram per milliliter
mg milligram
mg/24 hours hrs milligrams per 24 hours
mg/d milligrams per day
mg/dL milligrams per deciliter
mg/g milligrams per gram
mg/gCR microgram per gram creatinine
mg Hb/ microgram hemoglobin per
mg/L milligrams per liter
MIC minimum inhibitory concentration
min minute
mIU milli international units
mIU/hr milli international units per hour
mIU/L micro international unit per liter
mL milliliter
mL/min milliliters per minute
mm millimeter
mm/hr millimeter per hour
mmol millimole
mmol/d millimoles per day
mmol/L millimoles per liter
mmol/m millimole per meter
mmol/mol crt crt millimoles per mole creatinine
mol mole
mOsm milliosmole
mOsm/kg milliosmoles per kilogram
MPL IgM phospholipid units
mPOL milli polarization unit
mU milliunit
mU/g milliunits per gram
mU/L milliunits per liter
mU/mL milliunits per milliliter
NCCLS National Committee Clinical Laboratory Standards (now known as Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute)
ng nanogram
ng/dL nanograms per deciliter
ng/L nanograms per liter
ng/mL nanograms per milliliter
ng/mL/hr nanograms per milliliter per hour
nm/dL nanomole per deciliter
nM/mM nanomole per millimole
nmo/mL nanomole per milliliter
nmol nanomole
nmol/d nanomoles per day
nmol/dL nanomoles per deciliter
nmol/g nanomoles per gram
nmol/L nanomoles per liter
nmol/mL nanomoles per milliliter
OD optical density (equivalent to absorbance)
PCR polymerase chain reaction
pg picogram
pg/mL picograms per milliliter
pmo/mL picomole per milliliter
pmol picomole
pmol/g picomoles per gram
ppm parts per million
pmol/L picomole per liter
ppm parts per million
PPT Plasma Preparation Tube™
PST plasma separator tube
RPR rapid plasma reagin
SD standard deviation
sec second
SI stimulation index
SST serum separator tube
TNP testing not performed
TV total volume
TOI tincture of iodine
U unit
U/day units per day
U/g units per gram
U/g Hb unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/gHgb unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/hr units per hour
U/L units per liter
U/mL units per milliliter
UHCL University Hospital Clinical Laboratory
% percent
μg microgram
μg/24 hrs hrs micrograms per 24 hours
μg/d micrograms per day
μg/dL micrograms per deciliter
μg/g micrograms per gram
μg/g crt crt micrograms per gram creatinine
μg/L micrograms per liter
μg/mg micrograms per milligram
μg/min microgram per minute
μg/mL micrograms per milliliter
μgE/mL microgram equivalents per milliliter
μIU/mL micro international unit per milliliter
μL microliter
μmol micromole
μmol/d micromoles per day
μmol/dL micromoles per deciliter
μmol/g micromoles per gram
μmol/L micromoles per liter
μmol/m micromole per meter
μmol/mL micromoles per milliliter
μU microunit
μU/mL microunits per milliliter