ARUP Browser and Software Support Policy

Browser Support Policy

As of October 31, 2014, ARUP will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or any version of Mozilla Firefox.

At that time, we will begin to support IE10 (in addition to IE8 and IE9) as well as Google Chrome.

In 2011, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) would be discontinued. In July 2012, ARUP stopped supporting IE6.

Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox Discontinued Support

Fewer than 1 percent of the general population uses IE7, and use of Mozilla Firefox is declining; fewer than 3 percent of ARUP’s clients use Firefox.

See global browser statistics.

Even though Microsoft has not discontinued IE7, support for this browser is not guaranteed after 2015. Furthermore, companies with a large web presence, such as Google, have already discontinued IE7 support.

ARUP applications may continue to work in IE7 and Mozilla Firefox after ARUP discontinues support, but function cannot be guaranteed. Users are most likely to experience visual issues with ARUP applications if they continue to utilize unsupported browsers.

ARUP will continue to support Internet Explorer 8 and 9, which are designed to help users realize the opportunities and avoid the threats of today’s web.

Benefits of these newer browsers include:

  • Improved performance, which requires less time to load websites and applications
  • Simple, intuitive browsing
  • Stronger privacy settings that help prevent phishing, malware, and cross-site scripting attacks
  • Greater control over your personal browsing privacy
  • Higher definition graphics and video
  • Increased ability to monitor and manage your add-ons

To check which version of Internet Explorer you are currently using, follow these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Select Help from the top menu.
  • Select About Internet Explorer from the drop-down list.

Internet Explorer 10 Support

If you need to upgrade your IE browser, we recommend you upgrade to at least IE10.

To download Internet Explorer, visit:

Internet Explorer

You may need to contact your IT department before downloading or upgrading your browser.

Google Chrome Support

ARUP will begin supporting Google Chrome. Chrome usage has steadily risen, and more than 40 percent of the general population now uses Chrome. Due to Chrome’s design and support, developers can efficiently respond to problems and requests, making Chrome more efficient and user friendly.

To download Chrome, visit:

Google Chrome

You may need to contact your IT department before downloading or upgrading your browser.

Pop-Up Warning in LTD

A pop-up window informing you that not all features are available in the ARUP Laboratory Test Directory may appear if you're running in compatibility mode. If your browser is IE8 or higher, all LTD functions will operate in compatibility mode.

You can update your compatibility view settings by clicking on Tools, Compatibility View Settings. You may also click on the "Don't remind me again" option in the pop-up window, which will stop the reminders for six months.

To check if you're running in compatibility mode on any website, click on Tools, Compatibility View Settings; if is listed in the compatibility list, you are running in compatibility mode.


To run ARUP Connect applications, you need Java version 7.11 or higher installed on your desktop. Version 7.51, which includes all security patches and bug fixes, is preferable.

To verify which version of Java you are running, visity the Verify Java page.

If you have any questions about ARUP’s browser- and software-support technology, please contact ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787.