ARUP Browser and Software Support Policy

Supported Browsers

(Last updated: January 1, 2015)

ARUP Laboratories supports the following browsers. If you are not using one of these browsers to interact with our website, please download a new browser from any of the sites listed below. If you elect not to upgrade your desktop browser, your experience may not be optimal, or you may not be able to use certain features on our website.  

Desktop Browser


Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X 10.x

Microsoft Internet




Chrome automatically updates.

Chrome automatically updates.

To provide our customers with the most effective and secure online access, we are continually upgrading our online services. Older browser versions or internet devices may not support new features and enhancements. Upgrading to a new browser version will enhance your security and experience on our web applications.

JAVA 7.11 or higher (7.51 is preferable) is required only for Connect Order Entry users who print labels.

ARUP Laboratories regularly monitors and tests browsers to ensure the highest security standards for our customers. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome may auto update to the latest browser version compatible with your operating system. 

If you are using the newest release of your browser, please be aware that there may be a delay in our support of the new browser release while we conduct a review to ensure it meets our security standards. We recommend that you download and install a supported browser until the new version is officially supported. 

If you have any questions about ARUP’s browser and software-support technology, please contact ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787.